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Take the Pledge

In efforts to decrease the stigma towards mental illness, the Natuonal Alliance on Mental Illness has created a pledge aimed at
  • Increasing your knowledge on mental illness
  • Actively changing stigma to hope ​
  • Promoting acceptance of all your fellow Terps​
  • Challenging people to learn more about the person and less about their illness​
Want to take the pledge? Click the box below and become part of an organization that strives to make change and end the stigma placed on mental illness

Terps For Smiles along with other groups from the University of Maryland campus are working hard to s pread awareness on mental health by:
  • Educating students and sharing the stories of those dealing with a mental illness​
  • Providing students with the support and information necessary to eliminate mental health stigmas
  • Initiating and evoking conversation on the sensitive topics in mental health
  • Encouraging the use of appropriate terminology and carefully constucted feedback regarding mental illness
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Mental Health Groups and Organizations

Stigma Stoppers
​​This is a group that started at UMD. Their hope is to end the stigma toward mental illness. Thus far, they have hosted Butterflies For Mental Health to show students at UMD that mental health is not something to to be ashamed of. ​Want to learn more? Click on the button below.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
​This organization has worked diligently to spread awareness on mental health. They are a nationwide organization that hopes to better the lives of those struggling with mental illness​. NAMI provides information on mental illness, including:
  • Signs of different types of mental illness
  • Statistics on mental illness,
  • Additional information regarding mental illness in the United States and those affected by it
​Are you trying to find support? Look no further because NAMI offers support for those who need it the most. Learn more about NAMI and their cause by clicking the button below.

Active Minds
​This is nonprofit organization that helps students feel empowered about their mental illness by 
  • Working with students to help them share their mental health journey and experiences
  • Striving to encourse help-seeking and spread awareness about mental illness and related topics
You can locally find Active Minds at UMDs campus!To be directed to Active Mind's national website, click the button below


UMTTR - Your Life Matters
​This non-profit organization hopes to change stories of bullying, depression, and anxiety to stories that are filled with compassion and positive feelings. 
  • They strive to prevent the consequences of bullying, such as suicide
  • Thus far, they have made terrific strides in raising awareness and letting those suffering from depression or anxiety that they're not alone
Want to learn more about UMTTR? Click on the button below to be taken to their website.

On Your Own
In 1990, this organization was established in Prince George's County with a goal to provide a safe environment for meeting others who understand you and mental illness 
  • It's a peer-run outreach and support organization
  • Provides training, education, referrals, special events, and social activities for adults with mental illness located in the Prince George's County area
  • Their mission is to promote self-advocacy and healing for those who struggle with mental illness
    • Own Your Own achieves their mission by providing peer support, promoting personal growth, and getting the community involved
  • ​​​Want to learn more about Own Your Own? Click on the button below:

Stigma Stoppers
Active Minds
On Your Own