• Terps for smiles is a student lead mental health initiative here at the University of Maryland. ​Our hope is to start a conversation on mental health.

  • Terps for Smiles strives to eliminate the stigma that accompanies mental health diagnoses by linking individuals to helpful information on diagnoses, lifestyle solutions, and both campus and emergency services through an interactive website.

  • Our goal is to create an organization that can help create a community for students and become a valuable informational aid for individuals struggling with or transitioning from their diagnosis to living with the treatment.

  • Help the Terps For Smiles Mental Health Initiative create a brighter future for our Terps.

The Founders

Victoria Challenger

Kristen Rinelli

Ashley Wray

Michelle Lay

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  • Many of the Terps for Smiles founders have struggled with a mental illness of their own or have close friends they've seen struggle with a mental illness. We encourage everyone to share their story and let others know they're not alone!

  • We would love to hear your mental health story. If you'd like to share click on the button below: 

  • There are a multitude of groups and organizations that can be found on and off campus dedicated to starting the mental health convervation  
  • If you'd like to learn about these groups and organizations click on the button below:

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  • UMD offers support for those with mental illness or those with friends challenged with a mental illness. 
  • If you or your friend' are looking for support click on the button below:

  • The spectrum of mental illnesses spans from mild, moderate, severe, and life-impairing.
  • These illnesses affect impact people of all ages, but younger and older individuals are at higher risk.
  • If you'd like to learn more, please click the button below to explore the numerous disorders that affect the mental health

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